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We especially look forward to welcoming parents and children to our pizza restaurants. And to make sure our younger guests are happy, we've come up with a few surprises. For playing, coloring, reading and, of course, eating!Our delicious Kids Menus are intended specifically for children 12 and under. It is not just the children who are happy about the tasty, child-friendly options and the affordable prices! And to make sure the wait time for the food is not too long, we give children a goodie bag full of surprises or something special to color or play with. This way they are sure not to get bored!

Most Pizza Hut restaurants also have high chairs, changing tables and bookshelves with picture books and story books. The pleasant, uncomplicated and friendly atmosphere in our restaurants makes the visit perfect!

Did you know that you can have great birthday parties at Pizza Hut? Just call your favorite restaurant and ask about a date!